WandaVision episode 7 spoilers: Enter carnival city

WandaVisionNext week on WandaVision episode 7, you better be prepared for everything to escalate. We are getting closer and closer to the end of the road, and it’s clear that everything is starting to fall apart. How long can Wanda seemingly control it?

If we are to take the end of episode 6 literally, a part of her motivation appears to be creating a world in which she and Vision can live. When she realized that he was dying, she chose to expand the field around her once again — SWORD facilities turned into a carnival, and everything has been rebuilt into a façade once more. We are seemingly going to move forward in the sitcom motif once more, and we imagine that episode 7 will have a 2000s/2010s feel to it by and large. That, at least from our vantage point, is certainly exciting.

Yet, sooner or later, something has to make the destruction of the community permanent. Wanda can’t be here forever, and it is clear that there are forces opposing whatever she is trying to create. One of them may very well be Pietro … if that is even Pietro at all. There are already theories aplenty present all about that.

Probably the hardest thing about WandaVision at this point is the idea that the episodes are so short — following episode 6, there is nothing we want more than to be able to get a little more material. We need to know what becomes of the SWORD characters caught in Wanda’s new expansion plan, plus whether or not said plan even fully worked. It seemed to based on some of the transformations we saw at the end of episode 6, but we’ve come to learn that nothing in this world is ever quite that simple.

Ultimately, we’re sure that Vision will still be around in episode 7 … that was the whole purpose of this, no?

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