Magnum PI season 3 episode 8 video: Is Magnum jealous?

Magnum PIAs we prepare for Magnum PI season 3 episode 8 on CBS tomorrow night, you have to wonder about the mindset for Thomas Magnum. This is a guy who is so used to having Higgins as his partner-in-crime and now, he’s having to adjust to where she doesn’t give him anywhere near as much attention.

It’s one thing to know that Higgins has a boyfriend named Ethan, let alone that they are really into each other. It’s another thing altogether to have the two of them directly in front of you. This is the subject of the sneak peek below, when Magnum, Higgins, Ethan, and the whole gang are engaging in a game of cards. At first, Magnum thinks that the two may be cheating underneath the table … but they’re really just playing footsie with one another. This leads to a back-and-forth between Magnum and Higgins, which then leads to Higgins flirting more with Ethan — really to the point where everyone else at the table looks uncomfortable.

We still can’t detect for sure if Magnum is just jealous of Ethan for taking away Higgins, or if there is something different going on here — think in terms of romantic feelings. He keeps some of his cards close to the vest. At this point, though, it is clear that there is some tension that is present here … we’ll just have to see where things out.

In the immediate future, thought, Magnum and Higgins will have a separate problem to deal with — a case given to them by Ethan! A patient of his is going to turn up missing, and it’s going to be up to these two to both find him and then also ensure that they are okay. This feels like one of those missions that could easily become a wild-goose chase, depending of course on things play out.

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