Power Book II: Ghost season 2 trailer: The best timing for episode 1

Power Book II: Ghost season 1Even though season 1 ended not all that long ago, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t excited about a Power Book II: Ghost season 2 trailer. Do we expect it anytime soon? Hardly, but that doesn’t mean that our mind is vacant and devoid of possibilities for what it could look like.

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We expect a new trailer to be full of a few different things, whether it be Tariq finding his way forward with Monet, more love-triangle hints, new characters, and a few Power crossovers all in one neat little package. We’re not here to discuss too much what could be in the trailer, though, mostly because we’d be here all day trying to figure that out!

Instead, let’s discuss timing — when you could actually see said trailer. Once filming for season 2 gets significantly underway (as in, there are multiple episodes filmed), we could start to see a few hints of what is to come. With that being said, we think the folks over at Starz will make us wait to a time that best suits them in order to promote what’s coming up next. Think in terms of the possible Power Book III: Raising Kanan finale this summer. If season 2 of Power Book II: Ghost comes out at the end of the year (that does feel possible), it would be a prime opportunity to use the end of one show to promote the premiere of another.

Could they release a trailer/teaser a little bit earlier? It’s certainly possible, but we imagine that it is probably not going to happen until we get around to some point in Raising Kanan. There’s no real reason to put anything out there prior to that unless they’re trying to rush the new season on the air.

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What do you most want to see on a Power Book II: Ghost season 2 trailer?

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