Is Shameless new tonight on Showtime? Season 11 episode 6 hopes

Shameless season 8Is Shameless new tonight on Showtime? If you come into this article curious about that, we’re of course fine to help you out!

Alas, we can’t help you out in the sense of pulling an episode out of thin air. There is no new Shameless on the network this weekend, and the reason for that seems to be fairly simple: It’s Super Bowl Sunday! This is hardly the time in which most shows want to put new episodes on the air. If this was a normal year, we’d probably be a little less bummed about it — it’s just clear at this point that this is far from a normal year. Just think about all of the weeks we’ve had in 2021 so far without new episodes.

Here is the good news: At least this isn’t going to be some extremely-long hiatus or anything. The plan is for Shameless season 11 to return to Showtime in just one week, and with a crazy episode currently entitled “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good….Eh, Screw It.” If you haven’t seen the full season 11 episode 6 synopsis yet, you can do so below:

A surprising twist of fate has left the Milkovich’s vulnerable, forcing Ian and Mickey to step in to help. Frank’s day takes some unexpected turns and Liam deals with inner turmoil after doing a bad thing. Debbie confronts Sandy on their relationship, while Carl enjoys the spoils of his day off. Lip and Brad seek revenge on the new BornFree owners, all the while Lip is forced to figure out a plan for the future. While Kev runs the bar, V is class parent at school – but elementary school looks a little different these days.

Here’s the one silver lining to Showtime stretching this season out: There are still a lot of episodes to come! Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that we can get a continuous run of them before too long, as opposed to this constant off-and-on pattern we’ve been experiencing as of late.

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What do you want to see on Shameless moving forward?

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