The Blacklist season 8 episode 5: About the Cape May warbler…

The BlacklistSometimes, The Blacklist loves to throw some red herrings out into the world. At other points, they are putting us on a deliberate path.

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So what are we getting when it comes to the Cape May warbler reference on tonight’s new episode? That’s still something we’re still trying to figure out. Near the end of the episode, Reddington meets a bird-watcher named Ann (who we saw briefly earlier) while sitting in a park. It’s clear that he “needed some air,” or in our mind just a chance to enjoy something simple out of his life. His health is poor, he’s been betrayed by Liz, and he recognizes that he’s in some potential danger with his “friend from the east.”

The moment Ann commented on a Cape May warbler who likes to show up in the park, you could see that Reddington was clearly taken aback. This is a place that holds a great deal of significance to his past, and we imagine this is why he asked this woman if they’d met before. It could be a bit of evidence that she’s either tied to his past or is some sort of spy … but if this is the case, we imagine that she wouldn’t have said anything about Cape May at all.

More than likely, this comment isn’t meant to be anything altogether significant in the long-term and it’s just a coincidence. That’s at least what we hope; it’s much more fascinating to us as a reminder of Reddington’s paranoia, and how he’s so cautious now that he can’t even have a conversation with a normal person.

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Do you think this Cape May reference on The Blacklist means anything at all?

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