Magnum PI season 3 episode 7 video: Magnum & Higgins’ closet debate

Magnum PIThere’s a pretty scary situation unfolding for Magnum and Higgins on Magnum PI season 3 episode 7, and it’s not one that they know how to handle.

In the sneak peek below, you’ll get a sense of what we’re talking about. While investigating a case about a “shady” neighbor, they realize that said neighbor may just be a serial killer. From here, they just need to get away from him ASAP … but that’s a little easier said than done when they’re trapped in the same house.

To be specific, Magnum and Higgins find themselves trapped in a closet in this sneak peek. They are trying to figure out what they want to do, and the last thing they’re interested in is having this guy catch on to the fact that they are worried about him.

Yet, one inopportune phone chime may ruin everything for them … though the preview ends before we know for sure what happens. This episode is clearly going to be one where these characters get creative at any and all opportunities and in the end, we welcome that. What makes Magnum and Higgins special isn’t their ability to handle things like normal law enforcement; they’re unconventional heroes. They can call on police resources (i.e. Katsumoto) when they need to, but otherwise they are left to their own devices to tackle problems — and it goes without saying that this is a pretty big one.

Oh, and one last thing: We’re sure a scene like this is going to make Magnum/Higgins ‘shippers want them together even more. How many times already have these two been thrown into either extremely tight quarters or situations where they must rely fully on each other? There’s a trust here that is hard to replicate for just about any other relationship in your life.

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