Lucifer season 5 episode 9 spoilers: Show EP on God’s impact

LuciferAs you prepare for the second half of Lucifer season 5 to premiere on Netflix (whenever that may be), God will be at the story’s center. How can he not be? You’ve got a fantastic actor in Dennis Haysbert in the role, and this is a chance to basically explore a relationship between Him and Lucifer that has been off-screen to date.

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The challenge, of course, with bringing God on the show is all the expectations that come with it. We’ve seen so many presentations of Him over the years, no matter what form of media you are talking about. How do you make this version different? Some of it seems to be tied to focusing on relationships more so than the mere act of being God in the first place.

In speaking on this subject to Comic Book ResourcesLucifer co-showrunner Joe Henderson made it clear what they are planning with Haysbert’s character:

I’ll tell you one of the main things we wanted to do is we didn’t want God to come down and just start giving answers. I think what’s so interesting about our show is that for the entirety of it, God has been this outside force, this unknowable force. So much of Season 5 has been about Lucifer reckoning with the fact that God’s not the enemy. God is just a father trying to do right by his son… But also ping-ponging between thoughts that he isn’t, or is, and frustration over why God can’t just tell him things, which is a very relatable thought for any child who just wants their father or mother or parent to just tell them what they’re thinking.

Henderson also notes that the presence of God is meant to be more of a “father story” in the second half of the season, and not so much that he is being brought on as some sort of traditional big bad. Clearly, there is a lot that he and Lucifer need to work through — some of it could be incredibly funny, whereas other moments are serious and emotional.

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What do you think is going to be coming with God on Lucifer season 5 moving forward?

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