Yellowstone season 4: Could the Big Bad be a familiar face?

As we approach Yellowstone season 4 premiering later this year on Paramount Network, it’s easy to think about conflicts. There are sure to be a lot of big ones coming, and standing above many of them will be a central villain. A show like this is always better when you have someone to hate, and there will be no real shortage of people in that category.

With that said, who will be established as the central baddie? Is there a single person we should funnel most of our hate towards?

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The easy top candidate at the moment has to be Jamie Dutton, given that he wasn’t attacked in the way that John, Beth, or Kayce were at the end of season 3. This may lead to some speculation that he himself was behind the orchestrated attacks, or that he coordinated them with the help of Roarke or someone else. If Jamie wanted to rise up in power, taking out his family would be a way to do it … albeit a dark one. He just learned the truth about his biological father, so there is a lot of pain and rawness that lives within him.

At the moment, though, we can’t help but think about another completely off-the-wall possibility: What if Malcolm Beck is still alive? We know that Neal McDonough’s character seemingly died at the end of season 2, but we don’t think we ever saw anything that constituted 100% proof. It does still feel as though there is a chance for things to shift and for him to order this hit behind the scenes.

We know that Yellowstone is a show that likes to kill people off, but don’t forget — they’re often creative in how they choose to keep people alive. They could opt to do some wizardry here, and we are excited to see what the story looks like. If not Beck, Jamie, or Roarke, it’s possible that a new villain could emerge out of nowhere.

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What do you most want to see on Yellowstone season 4 in terms of Big Bads?

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