NBC’s ‘The Voice’ rankings: Cassadee Pope, Nicholas David lead the way

The Voice CoachesEven though we personally felt like Amanda Brown was the perfect person to win “The Voice” season 3, it is hard to argue against the four performers who are left in the competition at this point. Either Nicolas David, Trevin Hunte, Terry McDermott, or Cassadee Pope could theoretically walk away with the title this season, and they all still have some work to do in order to ensure that it happens.

With that being said, we would be remiss to say that this competition is without a frontrunner at this point. We’re basing our rankings on a combination of things, with the leading ones being performance strength, fan base size, and even to an extent the coach backing them.

4. Trevin Hunte (last week: 4) – Based on recent performances, we would probably not put Trevin in last place; however, you have to remember that Terry is a part of Blake Shelton’s team, and we are becoming very convinced that the Blake Bump is very much a real thing.

Trevin’s biggest strength is that he has a powerful, incredible gift that could sell millions of singles worldwide. Unfortunately, its weakness is that he is limited to just a handful of songs. Trevin has to find a way to extend his comfort zone so that when he does go uptempo, he looks like he knows what to do with himself.

3. Terry McDermott (6) – Terry has a very nice voice, but save for a Blake Shelton cover and his take on “I Want to Know What Love Is,” he has yet to really do much to stretch himself as an artist so far this season. He has a bump courtesy of his mentor, and while we do feel at times it makes him dated, the best thing Terry can do at this point for himself is to keep busting out one classic rock song after another. These are clearly what his fans are voting for, and he may be dangerous if enough of them band together at the right time.

2. Nicholas David (3) – By far, Nicholas is the most unique, musically gifted person in the top 4. His cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” really showed off the one thing that was missing from him: the ability to slow things down and showcase such a natural tenderness.

The challenge for a guy who has given so much is trying to figure out what to give next. Is there anything left in the guy’s bag of tricks? If he wants to win the competition, he needs to pull a rabbit out of his hat beyond just a strong cover of some sort of popular soul tune.

1. Cassadee Pope (2) – “The Voice” is still waiting for its first female winner, and most likely Cassadee is going to fill that role without a problem. “Over You” is up there with Amanda’s “Dream On” and Nicholas’ “Over the Rainbow” as the best thing put onto the show, and that moment galvanized her fan base and turned her into a star on the stage. Even songs that are more in her traditional pop-rock “lane” (including Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You”) feel that much more special, and her voice is getting more consistent by the day.

Really, the only way we see Cassadee losing this show now is if she either lays an egg out on stage Monday night, or if someone else blows it out of the park the same way she has in weeks past.

Who is your favorite from the top 4? Be sure to vote in our poll below, and you can check out a new performance featuring Blake and Christina Aguilera over at the link here.

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