The Blacklist season 8 episode 4 video: Dembe questions Reddington


Hisham TawfiqDid Raymond Reddington want Elizabeth Keen to see her own mother’s death? That’s a big question at the heart of Friday’s The BlacklistThis is a huge episode in so many ways — you get to see who is #1 on the list, and all of the emotional aftermath that goes along with that.

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The focus of this preview is not so much just on Elizabeth and Reddington, though; instead, it’s more about Reddington and Dembe. We know that Hisham Tawfiq’s character is Reddington’s closest ally, and we tend to think that he is in the know about pretty much everything. It’s easy to believe that he knows all of the secrets on Reddington’s origins; he has previously implored James Spader’s character to tell Liz the truth, but there was clearly something holding him back.

Yet, the sneak peek below indicates strongly that Dembe has some suspicions over the recent course of events. He questions if Reddington wanted to intentionally harden Liz by having her see the death of her mother, as it could make her more equipped to someday run his empire. We know that legacy is something central to this season, as Reddington’s illness is starting to dominate more and more of his life. Despite the whole idea of Liz being out to murder him, it hasn’t stopped fully his desire to turn the keys of his criminal network over to her.

Reddington, for the record, denies that he had some grand plan from the start to kill Katarina in front of Liz. He also notes that he wants Liz “found,” but does not necessarily want her arrested. We can already assume that he doesn’t want her to die for all of the reasons that we’ve already specified.

So what option is left? That is something we’ll have to figure out come Friday night…

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What do you think Reddington’s plan is for Liz on The Blacklist season 8 episode 4?

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