The Expanse season 5 episode 10 (finale) preview: The quest to find hope

The Expanse

Next week on Amazon The Expanse season 5 episode 10 is going to arrive, and it goes without saying just how important it will be. This episode marks the finale, and the end of a significant chapter before, potentially, the final chapter begins. (Remember that season 6 is, at least for now, set the be the final one over on Amazon.)

So what storyline is now central to the narrative? Each is important in their own way, by it is clear that Chrisjen Avasarala has the opportunity now to alter the entire course of the system. She finds herself back in a leadership position after the events of episode 9, and her goal is to shape a path against the Free Navy that does not lead to some enormous loss of life. Whether she can do that, however, very much remains to be seen.

Marco Inaros remains the most notorious adversary we’ve seen on this show — he is shrewd, influential, and has no problem committing violence to reach his end goal. How can he be thwarted, and will he even be thwarted this season? We know already that The Expanse has no problem continuing a story as long as they see fit. Key decisions have to be made with some of the characters gravitating around Marco, as well. What will Naomi’s next move be? How will Drummer react when she realizes the full truth about her?

Meanwhile, for Amos we just want to see him get back with many of his Roci crew members and demonstrate more of what he learned after his journey on Earth. His storyline has been one of the strongest this season; the only real downer was not getting an opportunity in order to see Clarissa go into overdrive. She’s basically the closest thing the show has to a superhuman; why not focus on it?

Will there be a cliffhanger at the end of all this? We’d be shocked if there isn’t at least something that sets the stage for the future.

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