‘The Walking Dead’ season 3: Rick’s hilarious reaction to Woodbury

Andrew LincolnAre you as sad as we are that “The Walking Dead” season 3 is on hiatus for the next couple of months? There’s no questioning that the show improved vastly on season 3 over much of the past several weeks, and it all capped with what was the thrilling arrival of Rick in a place that is surely going to be a setting for a great deal of trouble moving forward: Woodbury.

We already know that Rick is not exactly thrilled with this placed; and based on Andrew Lincoln’s awesome (and not to mention hilarious) comments on an AMC blog post, it is pretty clear that he more or less feels the same way; in addition to that, he also makes some comments about the prison that are pretty ironic given how the setting served as the site for one of the greatest tragedies in Rick’s life in Lori’s death:

“I hate Woodbury! I actively feel nauseous when I go there. I hate everybody in it, I just can’t stand to look at the place. I love the prison, it’s beautiful.”

There is almost no need to even wonder what is going to happen in the second half of season 3, as the finale more or less made it clear that there would be a great deal of tension (and war practically breaking out) between The Governor and Rick in the utopia-like town. Don’t expect everything to constantly boil over, but if the second half of the season is in any way like the first, there is sure to be drama at just about every turn.

What do you want to see Rick go through during the final eight episodes of “The Walking Dead” season 3? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can also get a better sense at what is coming up by reading the story here.

Photo: AMC

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