‘Arrow’ spoilers: Seth Gabel’s ‘Vertigo’ finally has a name

ArrowWhen the news was first announced that the upcoming “Big Bad” character on “Arrow” this season was going to be Vertigo from the DC Comics series, we were excited; but then, it was revealed not too much later that it was actually going to be a modified version of the villain that did not even have the same name.

So who exactly is this man going to be? We know that Seth Gabel is going to be playing the part, and he tells TVLine in a new interview that his character will actually be going by the name of The Count, and the drug that he is selling on the streets of Starling City is called Vertigo. It is a dangerous drug that can literally cause its users to feel as though they are “walking on air” … which is never a good thing for anyone to feel.

What makes this character so interesting, and a different sort of beast than anyone that Oliver Queen has faced off against thus far, is that he is not somebody that Oliver can just square off against in the blink of an eye. Rather, it is going to take time (and going through all sorts of henchmen and other people within the organization) for our vigilante to even figure out just who he is going after next. Who doesn’t love a solid arc of this variety? It suggests that there will be all sorts of great excitement coming up in the future, and the recent arc featuring the Huntress was proof that this show is at its best telling longer stories rather than just one-episode installments that are really open / shut cases.

Are you excited to see what happens moving forward this season? If you want to see why “Arrow” is a candidate for one of our Best New Shows of 2012, you can do so here.

Photo: The CW

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