‘The X Factor’ USA: Are Emblem3, Carly Rose Sonenclar locks to get signed?

Emblem3As we near the end of “The X Factor” USA this season, there are all sorts of questions that we find ourselves asking (in between questioning our sanity for putting up with what is effectively a two-hour commercial for Verizon, Pepsi, and Simon Cowell’s new headphones). One of the primary ones at this point is rather simple: regardless of who actually wins this competition, who are the artists who could have some sort of future in the recording business?

When it comes to Emblem3, they seem at the moment to be the obvious locks to get a record deal: they are young, the ladies love them, and Simon Cowell has been desperate to find an American version of One Direction ever since Niall Horan and company placed third on the British version of the show two years ago. In adding to the mountain of evidence that is already out there, you have Simon Cowell sharing the following message per The Hollywood Reporter:

“I think there’s a pretty good chance. I’m not going to let anyone else get them … There’ll be some pretty big announcements at the end of the show.”

Simon would not say this unless he was absolutely sure that there would be movement here, so this is pretty much a given. While we are not as confident about Carly Rose Sonenclar if she does not win the show, our feeling is that some label will pick her up even if Simon does not to mold her into the next big teen stars. Rachel Crow has done fairly well on Nickelodeon after last season, but she is the only teen from last year with any sort of obvious career.

The other two acts, meanwhile, are a little bit more in the way of wild cards. We know that Simon likes Fifth Harmony quite a bit, and there is a place for them in the market, but girl groups are a little bit of a bigger gamble. Meanwhile, Tate Stevens will probably at best get an album co-produced by Cowell or L.A. Reid, since neither one them is familiar enough with country music to really provide him solely with what he needs (at least not without bringing someone else in).

Do you think any of these acts are going to be stars once the season is over? If you want to see what CeCe Frey and Diamond White are saying following their elimination, you can find out here.

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