Is Sami Gayle leaving Blue Bloods, Nicky role? Don’t believe all rumors…

Blue Bloods season 11

Is Sami Gayle leaving Blue Bloods, and her role of Nicky? We know that this is a question we’ve taken on many times before. Yet, there continue to be people out there speculating … and not all of the speculation on the subject is correct.

Let’s take, for example, some of the reports that we’ve seen that Gayle “quit” the show or has left for good. Neither one of these appear to be true. There is no confirmation at present that Sami is done with the series, and it is certainly clear that the writers have not written out her role for good. Unless it comes from either the actress or the show itself, be cautious with what you see.

What the writers have done is offer the Nicky role flexibility. The character is off in San Francisco, where she has a new job and seemingly a new life. Sami is still listed as a series regular, though, in CBS’ press releases, and she was on the show as recently as the last installment of 2020. Clearly, there is no desire to keep her away from the show for good.

If you do love the Nicky character, the best bit of advice we can give you is simple: Be patient. There is always a chance she comes home and stays home. We’d be shocked if she isn’t back at all this season. Blue Bloods gave big stories to the likes of Henry and Sean tonight, and they could easily conjure one up for Nicky. Remember that it wouldn’t be all that hard to write her back in full-time. Maybe she doesn’t love her job in San Fran and, because of that, she decides to go back to the Big Apple. Maybe she just finds a better job there, or she misses her family and wants to be close to them again.

For the time being, let’s just hope some of the rumors subside a little…

Do you think Sami Gayle will return to Blue Bloods, and the role of Nicky, very soon?

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This article was written by Jessica Carter.

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