Euphoria season 2 premiere date hopes: What’s next after Part 2: Jules?

EuphoriaThe latest Euphoria bonus episode is now available online … but how long are we going to be waiting for season 2? Is there any word out there on a premiere date?

It goes without saying that we want more new episodes, and we’re far from alone in that proclamation. The roadblock at this point is pretty simple: The pandemic. This is a show reliant on party scenes, large gatherings, and also intense moments among its core characters. A lot of this is fairly hard to pull off within the global health crisis. While these past two bonus episodes were each filmed with specific restrictions, it’s far too early to tell if season 2 will have similar conditions. We could be waiting a good while for it.

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What complicates this subject further is how secretive Euphoria can be. There weren’t a ton of people aware of the bonus episodes when they were shot, and that was likely intentional to avoid spoilers. A similar practice could be utilized here.

There is a report from IndieWire saying that filming will begin in March with the show returning late this year, though remember there is no official return date. The danger with waiting a long time to start production is the age of the cast — these are people playing high schoolers, and you do want it to look and feel believable. On the flip side, you don’t want to rush things if the story isn’t ready, or if the environment is not entirely safe. Just know that a Euphoria season 2 is in fact coming, and that hasn’t changed over the past several months. This season will be far more panoramic in scope then these past two episodes, and should feature familiar faces mixed in with at least a newcomer or two. It’d be fairly atypical if there wasn’t one in there at all.

What are you hoping to see in regards to Euphoria season 2?

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