The Blacklist season 8 episode 3: Did Liz try to kill Reddington?

The BlacklistWe knew that The Blacklist season 8 episode 3 was going to be intense. Yet, we’re not altogether sure that we were quite prepared for this.

From the start, it was clear that “16 Ounces” was insane. Liz first tried to go to Cooper to get his help on bringing in Reddington and when he said “no,” she sprung a plan into action to try and kill him. Not only that, but she tried to do twice.

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Liz’s first attempt came courtesy of a car door planted with an explosive, which she tried to use at a makeshift memorial for Dom. When that failed, she took advantage of Reddington’s health emergency to create a trap for him at the hospital — even going so far as to use Essie as a pawn in her larger plot. Both showed a violent, determined side to the character — it’s not a surprise that Liz is capable of murder, but taking out Reddington is another issue altogether. Gone are the notions of whether or not she wants answers; now, it’s all about vengeance. He killed her mother, so she wants to kill him in turn.

Is Katarina, or at least the woman who died, really her mother? That’s another question, and not one that we have an answer to right now. Ultimately, this episode wasn’t so much about answers — it was instead a device to push Liz further away from the Task Force. Her hospital bomb almost killed Reddington and Ressler both — they survived, but clearly things will be different. Aram is burned potentially for good as she took advantage of him, and Cooper? Reddington wants to use him to push Liz up to the top of the Blacklist. Maybe this is the protect himself … but maybe it’s also to protect her. It was telling tonight, the reminder that Reddington would never kill her — even if, clearly, she does not feel the same for him.

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