‘Homeland’ season 2, episode 11: Morena Baccarin talks Mike / Jess relationship

HomelandOn Sunday night’s new “Homeland” season 2 episode, we are going to see what is the continuation of a romance that was really reignited earlier this year between a pair of characters with quite a history together: Jess and Mike. He was her shoulder to lean on while Brody was captured, and this time around with him constantly going off the radar, he is once again her rock. (He also just so happened to be her partner in bed a couple of episodes ago while staying at the safehouse, which apparently does not have surveillance.)

So why is Jess getting back with this character again with such reckless abandon, especially when there is such a tight lens on her family right now courtesy of the Vice-Presidential rumors? Speaking to TVLine on the subject, Morena Baccarin explains that after everything that Jess has been through this season (especially now that she knows that Carrie is back on the scene), being with Mike is just something that actually feels right in her life:

“I think she is allowing herself to go there, not knowing what is going to happen – and that is OK … She’s been depleted for so long in her relationship with Brody that she is just finally getting something for herself.”

So will this story have a resolution over the next two episodes? We’re hearing that it will, though the form that it comes in is still unclear. There is a contingent of fans who believe that Brody cannot escape this season either alive or free from prison, but even if he does find a way to continue living an “ordinary life,” do you think that Jess is really going to want to stick around for it?

If you were in the shoes of Baccarin’s character, would you feel the same way about Mike? If you want to see a first look from the upcoming “Homeland” season 2 finale, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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