WandaVision episode 4 preview: Is everything changing for Wanda?

WandaVisionAs we prepare now for WandaVision episode 4 on Disney+ next week, we almost have to be prepared for the entire format of the show to be shattered.

By and large, episode 3 worked to continue the sitcom homage as established through the first two installments, but something big happened when Wanda welcomed twins. Tommy and Billy’s arrival in her world is of course exciting, but it also conjured up memories in Elizabeth Olsen’s character that were long stored away. All of a sudden, she recalled her own twin in Pietro, who died all the way back in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Wanda remembering parts of her past changes the entire structure and feel of what WandaVision as a construct is. It no longer can be this delightful romp through sitcom memory, and instead, it serves as a method of slowing reintroducing one of its title characters to herself. This is something you should prepare for as we venture into the great unknown that is episode 4; it’s something that Olsen describes as follows to TVLine:

“The experience of having just gone through real birth — like a real birth experience, because they’re real, breathing creatures that she’s given birth to [Laughs] — I believe that’s what has sparked this memory that was squashed … She starts to really connect back in with these memories that aren’t on the surface. And we will continue to watch her discover more of those kinds of moments.”

What we also need to see in episode 4 is what exists beyond Wanda and Vision’s slice of suburban paradise. The end of tonight’s episode with the military camp brings back memories of The Truman Show in a way, or at least as close to one as we are going to get in the MCU. Also, have we just met a grown-up version of Monica Rambeau? If so, what does she mean for the remainder of WandaVision?

As you would expect this early in the season, we still have more questions than answers and that’s okay. What matters is that WandaVision continues to have us on board.

Where do you think WandaVision episode 4 will take us?

Share your early theories below, and come back to ensure you stay up to date with our discussions. (Photo: Disney+.)

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