The Blacklist season 8: Could this be the final season? The case against it

The BlacklistIs The Blacklist ending anytime soon? The NBC show is coming back tomorrow night with one of the most intense episodes yet — it almost has to be after what we just went through with Katarina Rostova.

Beyond this, though, there is another question on the tip of our lounge, and it’s something that’s been bubbling underneath the surface for a while: Is season 8 the end? Should we have concern in the back our mind?

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Here is what we can say for now — at the time of this writing, nobody on the NBC side has come out and issued an announcement that the end is near. We should point out that last year, the show was renewed for a season 8 in February — we’re going to be on the lookout for something similar next month. It feels clear that we’re closer now to the end of the series than the beginning, but that doesn’t mean the finish line is right in front of us.

Fingers crossed that it’s not: One of our principal reservations about the idea of the show ending this year is that the production schedules are so bizarre and in flux. Filming started later than usual and it goes without saying that there will probably be a smaller episode order this season than usual. If season 8 is the final one, the writers would probably have to cut down their initial plan — and that’s only if the initial plan was to end this season. With Liz just starting to turn on Reddington fully, it feels like we’ve got more than a season’s worth of content left.

One other thing we should note: Some of the cast still seems amped-up to play their parts. For evidence, check out what Harry Lennix had to say to Collider:

“There have been shows where I couldn’t wait to have them done … But not this. I hope it goes for, you know, another 12 seasons.”

At least for the time being, we’ll remain hopeful — heck, we’ll keep that metaphorical train going until NBC announces that the end is here.

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