Is A Million Little Things new tonight on ABC? Season 3 schedule plans

EddieIs A Million Little Things new tonight on ABC? Is there a lot of good stuff to look forward to? We know the answer to the second question is a “yes” — we just can’t say the same thing about the first.

Just like it’s been for the past several weeks, there is no new installment of the relationship drama tonight, and nor will there be next week. We’re going to be stuck waiting until March to see the midseason premiere, one sure to be stuffed with important storylines. For example, we’ll have a chance to see if Gary can find a way to help Darcy … and if he is really over Maggie. Also, Eddie and Katherine certainly have more stumbling blocks ahead of them; we’re still in the early stages of Eddie’s recovery.

The first episode of A Million Little Things in 2021 will air on March 4. What about after that? When you think about the schedule, there’s a reasonable way to assume how things are going to play out. There could be new episodes on March 11, March 18, and March 25 if we’re so lucky — and we assume we will be. It makes a whole lot of sense that ABC would be holding off on airing new episodes to establish momentum for later; also, by March producers will have SO many episodes in the can. Filming for this cast and crew is moving forward efficiently; because A Million Little Things shoots in Vancouver, it was not subject to the same shutdown that Grey’s Anatomy and a lot of Los Angeles-based dramas are. (It is, however, operating with many of the same pandemic restrictions.)

Given that there are presumably more than a dozen episodes still to come (at least for this production order), ABC’s going to have plenty to air over the rest of the late winter and spring. More details, presumably, will be available next month.

What do you want to see on A Million Little Things when season 3 returns?

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