The Challenge season 36 episode 6: Ashley Mitchell eliminated (again)

The Challenge

Tonight’s The Challenge season 36 may as well have had a huge banner saying “BETRAYAL” hanging right over the top of it. Who didn’t feel burned by someone else through much of this?

Even before the episode started, there was a lot made of Theresa’s big moves — we saw those play out, and by the end, we found ourselves with Ashley Mitchell and Kam Williams facing off in a battle of rings. Oh, and people were just as mad at Jay. These were two proven competitors, though it felt like Ashley was so shook by the betrayal that her head wasn’t in the game. She couldn’t believe that she landed in this spot in the first place.

Here’s one of the beautiful ironies of The Challenge — you get put up for elimination because you are a threat. Everyone knows this, and they often choose to eliminate based on THIS criteria. Then, when they get targeted, it becomes the biggest slight of all time. This isn’t to single out Ashley or Kam or anyone else; it always happens and the aftermath was DELICIOUS.

This ring battle didn’t actually feel that dramatic — there’s no need for unnecessary hype or hyperbole here. Kam dominated this. Ashley got eliminated for the second time. She was still heated after the fact at Jay, but what can she do now other than promise revenge later? It’s not like they’re going to bring her back for a third time in a single season.

So what happens after this? Well, Jay and Theresa have their work cut out for them. They got what they wanted, but in the process they made a LOT of people mad. That’s never good this early on! You have to find a happy balance here. You can make alliances, but you gotta be prepared for what happens in the event they fall apart.

Kam’s post-challenge decision – Did she change up her partnership? Everyone wants her because she’s a competition beast. Too bad for them that she didn’t go anywhere. She’s sticking with Kyle so they can keep this Mr. and Mrs. Killer schtick going for a while.

Do you think the right person was eliminated on The Challenge season 36 tonight?

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