‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9: Shonda Rhimes finally talks Katherine Heigl drama

Katherine HeiglIt has been several years since Katherine Heigl first made the decision to leave “Grey’s Anatomy,” and for much of the time since show creator Shonda Rhimes has chosen, like with many other things related to the show, to keep most of the finer details private. However, her interview on Sunday night’s new “Oprah’s Next Chapter” more or less proves a popular mantra in the world of talk TV: if the Big O asks you a question, you answer it.

During the interview, Oprah asks Rhimes for her thoughts on Heigl’s controversial 2008 comments about not submitting herself for a Primetime Emmy Award, in which she claimed that the “material did not warrant a nomination.” Based on what she said, it doesn’t sound altogether like we are going to see the actress back on set as Izzie at any point in the near future:

“On some level it stung and on some level I was not surprised … When people show you who they are, believe them. I carry that [mantra] with me a lot. It has served me well.”

At the end of the day, Rhimes may even have the last laugh here: Heigl’s movie career has bottomed out in the past year, whereas many of the “Grey’s Anatomy” stars are getting to work on some side projects in addition to continuing their regular jobs on the show. Katherine said at one point that she was open to returning for a few episodes to better wrap up Izzie’s story, but we doubt that will happen given the respect that Rhimes likely wants to show her writers.

What do you think about Rhimes’ comments, and how bad of a slam of Heigl do you think that this really is? If you want read our full review for Thursday night’s episode, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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