The Expanse season 5 episode 9: ‘Winnipesaukee,’ the last before finale

The Expanse

Prepare yourselves now for The Expanse season 5 episode 9 — a critical hour. Go figure. This is the penultimate one of the season and there is SO much work to be done.

Let’s begin this preview with a breakdown of the title: “Winnipesaukee.” This was mentioned in the Amos/Clarissa storyline in episode 8 as a place where the two could escape Earth. Clarissa is very-much familiar with the lifestyles of the rich and the famous, and the value this place holds for their exit plan. (In real life, Lake Winnipesaukee is an affluent, picturesque place in New Hampshire — minus any space travel.) Will the two actually get there? That’s another story…

The title makes it clear what Amos and Clarissa will most likely be up to, but what about everyone else? For Naomi Nagata, her newly-altered distress call could save lives and offer up hope, provided of course everyone believes it is really her. Never has The Expanse played out dystopia in such a realistic fashion — the concept of deep-fakes clearly takes on new life here. Drummer still has to manage her grief (which is not going altogether well), and Avasarala has to find a way to flex her political muscles once more amidst great opposition.

At present, it feels like we are on the cusp of galactic war between the Belters, Earth, and Mars, with one wrong move leading to another massive loss of life. Maybe we’re already there; maybe the dam has already been shattered. Yet, people like Chrisjen want to still save those who are innocent, if possible. This is a distinction between her and Marco Inaros, who has shown himself so far to be merciless in his pursuit of the Free Navy’s eventual dominance.

Is there a way to stop Marco? Can Drummer find a way to defeat him from the inside? Will the Roci crew actually be reunited before season 5 concludes? There are even more questions we could throw out here, and The Expanse is a series all about them. We won’t pretend that every single one will be answered; if these are, others will follow.

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What are your expectations for The Expanse season 5 episode 9?

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