Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist season 2 episode 3: Are Zoey, Max over?

Zoey's Extraordinary PlaylistIt was only two episodes ago that Zoey and Max got together on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist — a moment that led to heart-songs aplenty.

Yet, here we are two episodes later, where the relationship could already be on the verge of falling apart. There is no malice here — no one cheated on each other. No one did anything terrible. Zoey just had to walk away for now. It’s about as human a reason as you could think of: She still hasn’t processed the death of her father. She can’t be there for Max in the way that she needs and she understands that.

This is going to sound corny and super-cliche, but could this potential breakup be the best thing that happens to the two of them? Think about it like this — if the two stayed together through the rest of Zoey’s grief, the divide that was there could’ve turned into a fissure. There may have been no real way to fix it. However, we’re in a spot now where there is still hope for it to work — just eventually. Not right now.

Speaking to TVLine, Max himself in Skylar Astin does a great job of assessing the current state of the relationship:

I think it’s just a pause for now. Zoey is not able to fully give herself to Max, and I think she reserves a very special place in her heart for Max, and it’s just not available right now, because she’s dealing with a lot of grief at the moment and trying to get herself right before she can offer herself to someone else in the way that Max would require. So I think that they’re trying to just get ahead of it before it gets too far and put things on pause.

Will they be back together in episode 4? Episode 10? This season? Maybe in the second half it’s possible, but putting the two back together immediately does a total disservice to what we saw tonight. The show needs to demonstrate how difficult grief can be — even if you want to move forward, you sometimes can’t.

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Are you still rooting for Zoey and Max to end up together?

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