‘Elementary’ episode 10 preview: Will Holmes behave in front of Watson’s parents?


If you’ve been secretly hoping that Watson and Holmes’ relationship would turn romantic this season, you better think again, because if the new preview for “Elementary” tells us anything, it tells us that Holmes is definitely interested in hooking up – but it’s not with Watson.

In the last episode of “Elementary” we saw a really nice moment between Watson and Holmes when he met her down at a rehab clinic to wait with her for her ex-boyfriend to come and check himself in (which he never did) and while it may not have lead to major sparks flying, it did feel like their relationship was moving in a positive direction.

In next week’s upcoming episode called “The Leviathan” Holmes will have a chance to meet Watson’s family, where he will find himself coming to her defense about her choice to become a sober companion, drawing these two even closer together. A new promo released by CBS reveals that Holmes will be getting romantic with someone, but that someone will be a cute blonde, not his sober companion. Watson will come downstairs to answer the doorbell and she will run into a blonde girl, wearing nothing but Sherlock’s tee shirt and drinking a coffee. Will there be any jealousy from Watson? It might be too soon to tell since the series really hasn’t built up much more then a friendship between Homes and Watson at this point, but then again there really hasn’t been any women in Sherlock’s life since Watson became part of it, so it’s possible that this could be the catalyst that reveals some feelings from Watson.

The next new episode of “Elementary” called “The Leviathan” will be airing on Thursday, December 13 at 10 p.m. on CBS, but if you can’t wait then feel free to check out the promo posted below for a sneak peek.

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Photo: CBS (Source: Spoiler TV)

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