‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 gets made into Lifetime series … and it’s awesome

Breaking Bad“Breaking Bad” season is is not set to premiere on AMC until July of next year;  but thankfully, we continue to get some pretty funny videos to make the wait a little bit easier.

In following up the hysterical viral video that is “We Are Never Ever Gonna Cook Together,” we now have a new clip that basically asks the eternal question: what would happen if Walter White had taken up shop on Lifetime instead of his current network? Much like the recent “Game of Thrones”-meets-The CW video we posted earlier in the day, this clip is coming to us courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. It also happens to be a complete and total blast.

Somehow, the video manages to incorporate perfectly just about everything that you would expect from “The Client List,” “Army Wives,” or any other Lifetime series mixed into the jaded world of New Mexico. Nobody really appears to be the Danger, and instead we have a story of a “father holding his family together,” Skyler breaking down, affairs, tears, and finding a way to restore hope. Everything seems so sappy and sentimental … and then Jesse Pinkman shows up at the very end in order to hand down one of classic uses of a certain b-word. (Oh, we wouldn’t have Aaron Paul any other way.)

As we said with the “Game of Thrones” video, you could claim that this clip is really mocking Lifetime and their tradition of producing melodrama with a limited subject matter; however, isn’t imitation really the best form of flattery?

What do you think about this video, and does it make you more excited for season 5 to start back up? If you want to see another recent debate about the upcoming end to “Breaking Bad,” be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: AMC

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