MacGyver: Is Jack Dalton really dead? Season 5 episode 5 chatter

MacGyver season 3 episode 8Tonight’s MacGyver season 5 episode 5 opened in a way that was far more emotional than we expected. In the opening minutes, it was revealed that Jack Dalton was dead. There was a military funeral for the character, and tributes from several people within the Team Phoenix crew. Other than Russ Taylor, every person on the show (including Desi) had a connection to him.

So how did Jack die? Supposedly, it was a part of the long-term effort to take down Tiberius Kovack, the character who he took off to chase in the first place. We never did see a body in the opening minutes, but we didn’t make too much of that — instead, we tied it more into the fact that George Eads wasn’t returning to the show and there was no way to show it.

From the funeral, the show quickly moved on to the mourning — we moved over to the pizza parlor, a place that had a great deal of emotional significance for Riley and Jack. They shared many memories there over the years, long before the start of the show itself.

It was after this scene, though, that the true drama began courtesy of a postcard, one that was crafted before Jack’s death, and one that served as an opportunity for Mac and the entire Phoenix Foundation to get their own version of justice. This was a complicated case, one that had questions aplenty about who was involved in Jack’s demise. What made things all the more tricky is when it was revealed that Kovack may not be a real person at all. If that was the case, what was really going on here? Instead, Kovack was more of a device for Anya Vitez, a dangerous criminal who will do everything that she can in order to get paid. She’s also responsible for what happened to Jack.

There were a few moments where it felt as though Anya a.k.a. Kovack was going to get away with what she did. Luckily, some smart thinking from Mac and a special passcode for Riley was enough to take her down. Riley didn’t exactly feel better at the end of the episode, and we don’t think things are going to easier for her soon. We’ll admit that we spent a while hoping for a twist where Jack would somehow still be out there, but we didn’t get that. Instead, we just had some emotional performances from Lucas Till and Tristin Mays, arguably some of the best work they’ve done on the show.

The episode concluded with Riley getting Jack’s old GTO, and she and Mac drove off listening to Johnny Cash. Jack Dalton, you will be missed. If this is the end of his story, it is certainly a worthy send-off.

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