‘Glee’ season 4, episode 9 review: Did the New Directions win Sectionals?


On tonight’s episode of “Glee” season 4, The Warblers won sectionals because of Marley passing out. Once the group makes it back to McKinley High, Sue Sylvester has taken over the Glee club room and everything in it due to the fact that they lost the Sectionals.  After a talk with the principal, Finn realizes that he has no choice but to give up the room and hands Sue the keys.  Finn goes to tell the kids what has happened and that Glee club is over until next September, but that they will still be singing in the Christmas concert. Half of the club blames Marley for the end of Glee club while the other half are trying to be supportive.

The kids from the Glee club decide to join other clubs at the school, and when they tell Finn he’s upset with them, because he’s found a space for them to rehearse at for the concert.

In New York, Rachel is hoping to get a spot in the Winter Showcase, and much to her delight she actually gets invited to participate, making her the first freshman in 7 years to be part of the show. At NYADA, Rachel has started to stand up for herself when Cassandra is being too hard on her, and it’s great to see Rachel being confident again. If you were hoping to see a show down between Rachel and Cassandra about what happened with Brody, the “All That Jazz” dance off is about as much as we are going to get on this episode. Hopefully it’ll be addressed at a later date. Kurt comes to NYADA to talk to Carmen about getting a second chance to audition for her but she tells him no. At the Winter Showcase Rachel slays the competition and she runs out into the audience to give Kurt a hug.  Carmen commends Rachel on the superb job she did and then announces that the next performer will be Kurt if he is up for it.  He is beyond shocked but jumps at the opportunity to have a second chance to audition for Carmen. After his performance he receives a standing ovation and later he receives a letter from NYADA telling him that he got into the school.

Sam tells Brittany that he is still into her and he tries to kiss her, but Brittany tells him that basically all of the Brittana shippers will hate him forever if they kiss or hook up in any kind of way and walks away from him. Later Brittany decides to take a chance on Sam and hopes that the shippers will cut her some slack and let her be happy with Sam.  She books a date at a restaurant, but the only time she can get is the same time that Finn has booked for the rehearsal.  Sam happily accepts and then they kiss (and Brittana shippers everywhere kick their TV sets over).

Rachel calls Finn after her performance and tells him that she won the Winter Showcase, but he has a hard time feeling happy for her because he is still feeling really down about losing Glee club.  Rachel give Finn the pep talk of a life time and tells him not to let them give up on their dreams.  With a renewed sense of self, Finn shows up to the rehearsal space to see who is going to show up and Marley comes with good news, telling him that she found a place for them to rehearse. Finn sends out an email so everyone that left, hoping that they will come to the new meeting spot and the glee club members come back.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Glee” season 4?  Are you happy to see Sam and Brittany together or are you one of the shippers that kicked their TV over when they kissed?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of the episode.

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