This Is Us season 5 episode 7 promo: Kevin’s car accident…

This Is UsWe knew that This Is Us season 5 episode 7 that it was going to be a big one for Kevin. What we didn’t anticipate, however, was precisely the danger that was coming up for him…

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While the promo for the next new episode (entitled “There”) did not give away much, it did give you a sense that Kevin was not only in a car accident, but that said car was on fire and his ID was on the ground. Now, we know that Kevin survives the crash (remember that he is alive in the future), but what are the ramifications of this? How could this end up impacting his ability to get back to see Madison give birth?

Of course, there are other issues at play here, as well, whether it be Kevin starting his journey home from Vancouver (another country) and also him potentially turning away a prominent movie role. This whole episode is an intersection of his personal and professional life — it’s an investigation into the sort of person he wants to be.

The voiceover in the promo seems to be Kevin on the phone, potentially speaking to someone at 9-1-1 or law enforcement — it could be at a hospital and it’s all misdirect. The end of the preview is Madison’s voice telling him to get there. The one thing we’re most concerned about is that Kevin ended up hitting someone else. It’s a totally different situation if that happened, as opposed to just him getting in an accident himself where he’s stranded there. There are a LOT of different possibilities in terms of what transpired here; it’s possible Kevin could get himself in some legal trouble. It’s important that his ID was there, but he was nowhere to be seen.

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