Tiger episode 2 air date: When will the documentary continue on HBO?


After today’s premiere, it makes a certain degree of sense to want a Tiger episode 2 more or less immediately. If you are watching, how could you not? This is meant to be a definitive look at the Tiger Woods story, both in terms of the highs and the lows. It’s presence on HBO follows up the super-successful The Last Dance over on ESPN, though we do question somewhat the choice to air this right in the middle of the NFL playoffs. Granted, there could still be a chance for people to come back to it after the fact.

There are some networks out there that would choose to make Tiger into a two-night event, airing the second part on Monday. Yet, that is not what HBO is doing. Instead, their plan is to premiere episode 2 come next Sunday — that means you’ll have a chance to breathe and talk a little bit about what you see in the first part. It’s a similar scheduling choice to what ESPN did with their Jordan documentary, so we get it.

Can Tiger really capture the news cycle? That’s what we are a little more unsure of at this given point. There is going to be a real thirst for escapism, but the sports world is absolutely jam-packed with content right now. That’s without even considering everything that is going on in the political world, which you can think of as near-constant schedule domination in its own right. We know that there are plans for even more sports documentaries in the future across multiple markets; we’ll see if Tiger ends up establishing even more of a trend.

Ultimately, perhaps what is most interesting about the Tiger Woods story is that it’s not actually done. We’re not sure that he will have the tournament run he once did, but we are still talking about an active competitor.

What do you want to see covered over the course of Tiger episode 2?

What did you think about the first part? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments, and be sure to come back for some other news. (Photo: HBO.)

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