Power Book II: Ghost finale: Did Joseph Sikora return as Tommy Egan?

Joseph SikoraEntering the Power Book II: Ghost finale on Starz this weekend, there were certainly ALL sorts of questions about Tommy Egan. How could there not be? It felt inevitable that so long as his name was being brought up, he would return … it was mostly a matter of when.

Well, we now have our official answer to that, as Tommy chose to create all sorts of chaos the moment it was revealed that the murder of Ghost was going to be publicly pinned on him. He viewed this as cause for Tasha to die, and he came back and did everything that he could for most of the episode to make this happen.

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Was Tariq able to give her a reprieve? Only temporarily, since he helped negotiate a plan with Tommy where everyone could get what they want. Tommy could fake his death in an elaborate car chase, allowing no one to search for him as he started a new life. This was successful, but in the end, Tommy wasn’t satisfied. He still tried to kill Tasha at the end of the episode, but Tariq was wise enough to the fact that Tommy would probably still want to kill her. He ended up calling witness protection to pull her away before he could take her out.

Would it have made some sense for Tommy to kill Tasha? Probably, but it would’ve also altered the entire future of Power Book II: Ghost. Tariq would’ve stopped at nothing to kill him, and Tommy’s going to be off on his own show in Power Book IV: Force doing his own thing. This is more of a clean break, even if Tommy proclaimed that he is never going to stop looking for Tasha. We’ll just have to wait and see how true that is.

As for Tommy and Tariq, Joseph Sikora’s character said that they won’t see each other again. We’re inclined to believe that, but we were definitely happy to see one more appearance from Tommy before the show wound down for the season.

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