Is Naturi Naughton leaving Power Book II: Ghost, Tasha role after finale?

Power Book II GhostIs Naturi Naughton leaving Power Book II: Ghost following the events of the season 1 finale? It only makes sense to wonder that right now, given the events that we saw within the episode. (Obviously, spoilers within.)

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The good news for Naughton’s character of Tasha is that during the finale, she found herself freed from prison due to an elaborate series of events in court. The entire death of Ghost was pinned on Tommy Egan and through that, an arrangement was made for her to enter witness protection. At first, she tried to avoid it and run away with Tariq, but once he realized that Tommy would never stop coming for her, he made the final call himself. Tasha is leaving for a new life elsewhere, and Tariq moves forward. Tommy clearly isn’t going to kill him, and they may never see each other again, either.

If this really is the end for Naturi Naughton on this franchise, it comes after she played Tasha from the very beginning — she’s one of the most important characters in the franchise, and her exit does set the stage for a different era of the show. The story may be focused so much more now on Tariq’s individual empire than anything directly tied to her. That part of the equation is gone — we’ll just see if it sticks.

If this is it, we like to imagine that Tasha can find some sort of peace off somewhere — but we’re not sure that Tommy will ever stop looking for her. That could always linger in the back of her head.

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