This Is Us season 5 episode 5: Justin Hartley on Kevin, Madison obstacles

This Is Us season 2Are you ready for This Is Us season 5 episode 5 to air on NBC? If you are, rest assured that you are far from alone. This is an episode that will focus a lot on Kate’s past (think in terms of her and Marc), but also a big story set within Kevin’s present. What’s going to be happening with him and Madison?

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One of the things that we’ve clearly seen for Justin Hartley’s character already is that clearly, he wants to do everything that he can to make this relationship work. With that being said, there is also no real guarantee that it will. They don’t know each other all that well still, and beyond just that, Kevin is still living with all of this insecurity and doubt. There’s a lot of pressure that comes with knowing he is preparing to become a father under such an unusual circumstance.

Speaking to TVLine, here is what Hartley had to say about the future of this relationship, including some of the obstacles to come:

I think the doubt is showcased in Kevin in fear. The fear that it might not work out. Gosh, I mean what if they can’t coexist together and be this cohesive unit that comes together and raises these kids, and he [only] sees them on the weekends? There’s all of that stuff. Probably, those are the things that keep Kevin awake at night. He said as much in the last episode. He sits there and stares at the ceiling and worries. All that worry comes from fear…

I’ve said this before: You can’t really force love. It doesn’t work. He’s also in a little bit of a predicament. It’s not like he’s dating a woman that he doesn’t want to be dating. He’s in a situation where she’s having his babies. And he has, his whole life, been bound by this idea that he wants to be what his father knew he could be. Because that was cut so short, Kevin doesn’t give himself the breaks that maybe he should. He doesn’t cut himself any slack… and then he finds himself in a bigger predicament. It’s not him messing up for the sake of messing up or being selfish, as we saw him do several years ago.

We do think that Kevin’s going to try his best, but that stress he puts on himself could inevitably lead to trouble in this relationship. While we’ve come to love watching him and Madison, there is no guarantee that they end up together. Just remember for now that we haven’t seen Madison in the present — instead, we’ve only see Kevin’s kids. That does leave the door open in some ways for a wide array of possibilities.

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