Vikings series finale: Where were Ubbe, Floki at the very end?

Vikings season 6 renewalThe Vikings series finale did a great job of answering many questions and delivering countless powerful moments. Yet, there may be a few lingering questions that some people have. Take, for example, where Ubbe and Floki were sitting at the end of the series finale. Obviously, they were on the beach, but was this America, or at least North America?

Well, thanks to show creator/writer Michael Hirst, we now have a full answer.

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In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hirst indicated that the characters were in Canada at the conclusion of the series, one where there was a powerful, poignant conversation about peace and the future amidst that golden land:

I knew that Ubbe and Torvi would find Newfoundland, and that’s where they would be reunited with Floki. I wondered whether Floki might die. I decided to make that much more ambivalent, and much more of an up ending than a down ending.

Personally, we love the ideas brought about in this final episode, as we saw the contrast between Viking ideals and then also personal contemplation. What more can one make of their legacy?

Meanwhile, Hirst also did his part to detail some of what’s coming on the upcoming Vikings: Valhalla sequel show:

It’s set 100 years from my show, and it features actually some more famous Vikings. People might have heard of Harald Hardrada and Erik the Red. It’s a new kind of heroic age, a very different canvas. The Christians and the Christian Vikings are making huge headroads. What Floki always feared is coming to pass. And also, Jeb Stuart, who’s writing the show, is essentially a thriller writer, so it is going to be different in many ways. It’s a great tribute to the show, I think, that Netflix wanted to do a spinoff.

What did you think about the Vikings series finale overall?

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