Vikings season 6 episode 15: Are Gunnhild, Prince Oleg dead?

GunnhildThe end of Vikings season 6 episode 15 brought us to the halfway point of the season, and this was clearly the biggest episode since the premiere. We lost more than one important character, and it raises questions for where the future could hold. (Warning: There are spoilers within from the first half of the season.)

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So who is the first to discuss here? Think along the lines of Gunnhild, who decided that she would join Bjorn in Valhalla as opposed to entering into some sort of union with Harald. She wanted her trip into the afterlife to be on her own terms, and she did that by disrobing, leading into the water, and then swimming out until she eventually sank into the water. Drowning can be a painful, brutal death, but this was clearly the death and the freedom that she so desired.

The end of Gunnhild speaks very much to the spiritual nature of these characters, and also the symbolism that is so attached to the water. There is an otherworldly quality to it, and a freedom from everything that you know. Following the death of Bjorn in the premiere, this is the second visually-stunning moment of the season.

Losing Prince Oleg, meanwhile, doesn’t qualify as anywhere near as shocking. Igor killing publicly is a tad more surprising, but the idea of peace here was just too far gone. We do think that Igor probably wanted something more from Ivar after the fact, though — this episode could mark a turning point for Alex Hogh Andersen’s character, though, as he has spent much of season 6 wrapped up in Oleg’s world.

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