Vikings season 6 episode 11: Is Bjorn Ironside really dead?

Vikings season 6 bjornWe’ve waited for SO long in order to get Vikings season 6 episode 11, and the series debuted on Amazon today in epic fashion. How else do you describe what we saw?

Over the past several months, we wondered what would become of Bjorn Ironside. He was once presumed dead after the epic battle in the midseason finale, but the truth is her survived … at least long enough to make a huge impact and unite his people, one final time.

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The scene of Bjorn requesting his armor be put on one last time was fantastic, as was seeing him drawing his sword, even with arrows piercing his armor. He led the charge in a battle opposite the Rus, and allowed for a proper defense of Kattegat. It’s a moment that caught many off guard, and now, he ends his life as a legend. In the eyes of many, perhaps even a god.

So what went into creating this stellar ending for Alexander Ludwig’s character? Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, here is some of what creator Michael Hirst had to say:

“Bjorn, in some ways, has made rather a mess of certain aspects of his life. He wasn’t a great ruler, he was too vain and complacent when he wanted to be king of Norway, and his treatment of women, by and large, was poor.

“If he died just on those notes, then he might’ve been eminently forgettable, but in fact, he does something quite extraordinary at the end of his life. He saves his country, and so he redeemed his life, I think, and puts himself in the pantheon of the great heroes of the vikings, Ragnar and Lagertha, and he joins them.”

Bjorn is a character who is certainly missed through the end of the series’ run, but like so many others, he departs in a memorable way. It also creates so much uncertainty through the remainder of the series. That, plus the performance of Ludwig, will stand out for many months and years to come.

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What did you think about what Vikings season 6 episode 11 did for the character of Bjorn?

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