‘Glee’ season 4, episode 9 spoilers: Sue threatens to take over the Glee club room

Glee, Kurt

There has definitely been a lot of “Glee” season 4 buzz with fans after last week’s episode where Marley fainted at the end of the Glee club’s performance of “Gangnam Style” at Sectionals. So what’s the fall out from that? (Be warned there are spoilers ahead).

On the next episode of “Glee” called “Swan Song” Finn will do his best to raise Marley’s spirits up while Sue Sylvester will be doing everything she can to tear the Glee club down. When Finn returns to McKinley High, he finds Sue and her Cheerios ripping apart the Glee club room and turning it into her French/Canadian side project she calls Sue du Soleil. She tells Finn that when his group lost at Sectionals, she filed the proper paperwork to take possession of the room including everything in it. Sue threatens to take the Glee clubs Nationals trophy and run it over with her car, but Finn tells her that’s only going to happen over his dead body.

Rachel will receive the coveted golden envelope from Carmen that contains an invitation to the Winter Showcase. The last freshman to receive this honor before Rachel had been seven years in the past. Rachel will also find herself in a dance off with her NYADA teacher Cassandra to the song “All That Jazz” from the musical “Chicago”.

Take a look at the 3 new promos below for Thursday’s episode of “Glee” season 4 and tell us what you think of Sue’s reaction to the Glee club losing Sectionals. Want more “Glee” spoilers? Be sure to check out our story containing the new music you will hear on Thursday’s episode.

Photo: Fox (Source: Spoiler TV)

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