Is Big Sky new tonight on ABC? Episode 6 expectations

Big SkyIs Big Sky new tonight on ABC? Odds are, you’re probably booked on this show after the past several weeks. It’s got great twists, a fantastic cast, and a setting different than anything else on network TV. You’re going to want more of it immediately.

Unfortunately, that’s just not something that looks to be in the cards right now, and you’re going to be waiting for a little while to see what’s next. How long? Just think in terms of Tuesday, January 26. This is confirmed in the tease at the bottom of this article, and there’s a lot you’re going to be waiting for until that time.

Take, for example, trying to get an answer on this: Is Rick Legarski really dead? We saw the character shot in the head on this past episode,, so you would think that he’s a goner. Yet, crazier things have happened within this world. Our thinking is that he may be gone for good in the present, but there are still some opportunities to see him again in the past if the show wants to showcase more of how he became the man he was before the events of the winter finale.

Meanwhile, we would assume that Cassie and Jenny are going to continue to do whatever they can in order to stop the trafficking ring, and it’s important to remember that nothing just stops with Legarski gone. There are other people involved and there is so much deeper that they may have to dig. What Rick’s (presumed) death does do it open up the world to a certain extent, and serve as yet another reminder that no character here is guaranteed safety.

Over the hiatus, our recommendation is to pontificate over where you’d like the story to go, and also check out past episodes on Hulu. There could certainly be secrets buried within past episodes that hold a key to the future.

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What do you want to see when it comes to ABC’s Big Sky moving forward?

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