‘Survivor: Philippines’ prediction: Is it finally Abi-Maria’s week?

Abi-Maria GomesThere are only three episodes left on “Survivor: Philippines,” and before we get too far into that, we do have a valuable question worth asking: are we looking at a possible final two this season? If the current schedule holds, we will be going into the finale with four people for the first time since “Tocantins,” which also just so happens to be the last time that we did see a final two to close off the season. We know there are a diehard contingent of fans still interested in seeing the show go back to this format again, and given the pairs that have dominated the game post-merge (Lisa and Skupin, Malcolm and Denise) it does really make some sense.

Since we can’t predict that very well, let’s focus from here on out on Wednesday night’s new episode. It’s family visit time, and the sneak peek below focuses on Skupin completely losing his mind after seeing his son. The only other person who we know is going to be particularly memorable is Malcolm’s brother, who potentially ends up screwing up his own game.

We don’t really see too much value in family visits from a strategic point of view (Fairplay’s dead grandma included), but from a television standpoint it’s great to see just a part of where these people come from away from the game. Plus, this has given us such great moments as Big Tom putting his son to work at camp and Colby berating his brother during a challenge.

We don’t want to bury the lead forever here, though, and since this is a “Survivor” prediction article, it is probably best to start analyzing what is likely to actually happen in this game. The short way to put it at the moment is simple: Abi-Maria’s in big trouble. We really don’t think she can win another immunity challenge and, smart as it may be to keep her in the game for jury purposes, we think the final four alliance is probably going to stick together at this point. They don’t seem concerned about whether or not someone is a jury goat, and thus he is our pick to go home here.

The only possible alternative is Carter, and the argument here is simply that he is a little bit more of a physical threat, and could be worth taking out before the game shifts into the final five or four. Is it possible that we could see a shift still? Sure, and this would be the ideal time to take out Malcolm. He’s probably not going to play his idol until next week, and if Skupin and Lisa get Abi and Carter to help them, they can ensure that one of the biggest threats left in the game goes home. The longer they keep this guy around, the more dangerous it will be to their long-term game. Sadly, there’s no way that Lisa is the one that flips given how much she has refused to make any moves in betrayal of an alliance so far.

Who do you think will (and should) leave the game Wednesday night? If you want to see where all of these castaways stand in our current contestant rankings, you can do so over here.

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