‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 spoilers: Will Jimmy Smits, Donal Logue return?

Sons of AnarchyNow that “Sons of Anarchy” season 5 is officially in the books, it is time to move on to the next big thing; and in this case, that is the upcoming sixth season to the hit FX drama premiering next year. The greatest part of the finale was how it was structured, as there are now all sorts of possibilities for great stories based solely on loose ends, in addition to whatever executive producer Kurt Sutter comes up with next.

For one fine example of this, just look at Jimmy Smits. It would have been very easy to just kill Nero off or write him off the show, given that the actor who plays him is such a busy man who may not be able to return. However, Sutter kept him alive and left it somewhat open that he could be back, and he opened up about both his and Donal Logue’s future on the show in a post-finale chat with TVLine:

“Donal I know is coming back. We have him for 10 episodes, I think, so he’ll definitely be back for 7 or 8 [more] next season. The way we’re doing it with Jimmy is that nothing would make me happier than to bring him back. I love the character, I love the guy, it’s just good energy on the set and, I think, ups everybody’s game. But he’s a busy guy, so what I wanted to do was leave it a little bit open-ended so that there was emotionality and story left on the table that we could pick up with, but that there was nothing that was lynch-pinned to anything that needed him to swing to the next place. We’ll probably get into that soon with Jimmy, but I would love to bring him back.”

Sutter also said that he would love to see Billy Brown back as well, but they were still so focused on moving past this season that they have not even begun to discuss just what will happen with him moving forward.

Do you want to see all three of these actors back for season 6? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can also read our full review of the season 5 finale over at the link here.

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