The Blacklist season 8 episode 3: The important numbers to be revealed

The BlacklistWe know that we’re still waiting for The Blacklist season 8 episode 3 to arrive on NBC next month, why not have a chat about numbers? Or, to be specific, why not chat about some of the numbers that matter the most?

As many of you know, every Blacklister within the show is assigned some sort of ranking, with the more important/threatening (at least to Reddington) being closer to the top. In season 7, we learned that Katarina Rostova is #3, making her the highest-ranked person we’ve seen to date. A lot of numbers have been filled in over the years, but there are still some important ones that remain.

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With that specific purpose, why not dive further into some of the notable numbers that still need to be explored? We’re sure at least some of these will be taken on over the course of season 8.

#28 – What’s interesting is that the vast majority of people from #11-30 are all filled in at this point. It’s hard to imagine any of these being Big Bads at this point, but maybe the show will surprise us. This almost seems like a perfect spot for a notable midseason villain.

#5 – The person we come back to a lot here is Ilya Koslov, someone who has known Reddington for a long time and could be a significant threat because of that. Another possibility? Neville Townsend, the supposed architect of the Townsend Directive.

#2 – This is where things get a tad more dicey, and it all comes down to whether or not Reddington himself is allowed to be on the list. There’s a case for Liz being in this spot, or whoever else is involved in Reddington’s past and the secrets he is holding. They have to be more formidable than Katarina — with that, they’re probably tied deep to the show’s mythology.

#1 – From our vantage point, it’s either Reddington or Liz. Who else could it be to give the show a poetic ending?

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Who do you think will occupy these The Blacklist numbers?

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