‘Ink Master’ season 2, episode 10 review: Shocking elimination leaves everyone shaken

Ink Master

On tonight’s episode of “Ink Master” season 2, Jesse feels that he sold himself out last week by doing a Japanese style tattoo and not sticking to his own style of art (even though he wont the challenge last week). Will this attitude hurt him in the competition?

At the Flash challenge the remaining 6 artists faced a dimension test and their canvases are Dave Navarro’s guitars.  He gives the artists a pretty broad criteria when it came to what they could design, saying that he wants either creepy or sexy, but make sure that there is lots of dimension to their work.  Halfway through the challenge Sarah feels that her idea isn’t working and she paints Dave’s white guitar black and tries something else. They weren’t crazy about anyone’s designs, but they were really unhappy with Sarah’s guitar.  The judges tell them all that they are tired of them playing it safe and staying in their comfort zones. Ultimately Jesse wins the flash challenge and will assign the human canvases.

The elimination tattoo is also testing dimension and the theme this week is animals. They are told that they can do any style they want and Jesse asks if he can do his new school art, because he is starting to feel that the judges want to see something new. They tell him that they are over everyone doing the the same thing and that the winner of the show will not be a one trick pony.  Jesse decides to do new school style (yet again) and feels confident that he will stay even though his client isn’t really feeling the tattoo design. We are starting to find it really interesting that Jesse has been doing so much new school art this season without much fuss from the judges (until now), but last season Josh got  put on blast practically every week for doing the same thing.

Tatu Baby’s canvas starts to feel ill during her tattoo and throws up. Will Tatu Baby be able to get her canvas to calm down and let her finish the tattoo? Eventually she is able to get back to work on her canvas, but is unable to finish the tattoo in time.  Sarah and Jamie both have wolf tattoos – Jamie is disappointed to get another “hairy” tattoo, and Sarah is struggling with her design.

At the judging panel they love Steve’s gorilla tattoo and they put Jamie on blast for not having any tattoos even though he’s been working in the industry for 17 years (not sure what this has to do with his work today, but whatever). In the end the best tattoo of the day went to Steve and as for who went home tonight it was a shocker – Jamie went home, even though he was consistent through out the competition and was probably the most versatile artist there. Was it because of his lack of tattoos or was his tattoo really that much worse then Sarah’s? We didn’t think so (and we love Sarah), but Jamie has packed up shop and gone home.

Photo: Spike TV

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