NBC’s ‘Go On’ season 1, episode 11 review: Wyatt proposes, does Lauren say yes?

Go On

On tonight’s episode of “Go On” the support group decides to have a holiday party, but when Mr. K reveals that the date of the party is the same day that the world is going to end they change the theme of the party to holiday/end of the world party.

Lauren is worried when Wyatt starts acting nervous and asks Ryan what he thinks could be happening and he suggests that Wyatt might be proposing. Lauren seems to be very put off by the idea of getting married and starts to acting nervous herself.  Sonia and Yolanda see Wyatt buying an engagement ring and he asks them for help with the proposal.  They agree, but decide to sabotage the proposal by giving him bad advice because they’re afraid of losing Lauren.  He quickly realizes that they are sabotaging him and they apologize.  He tells them that they can still be part of the proposal, because he will be asking her to marry her at the party.

Ryan goes to wine country (missing the holiday party) and decides to bring Anne with him for an “end of the world” good time with his friend Steven and his girlfriend.While not a lot seems to really be happening on this trip for Ryan, he does help Anne break away from her ritual of crying at Patty’s grave every day.

At the holiday party Sonia and Yolanda are acting really weird and Lauren questions them about Wyatt. They tell her that he is planning on proposing and Lauren freaks out calling Ryan for advice, but after talking to him she doesn’t feel any closer to an answer because he tells her that she’s not ready. Anne tells Ryan off for giving Lauren bad advice when he doesn’t know for sure what she is thinking. Ryan leaves the vineyard to get back to the holiday party to tell Lauren that he has no idea what he’s talking about, but he’s too late and Wyatt has already asked Lauren to marry him – and she said yes!

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Go On”? Are you happy that Wyatt and Lauren are engaged? Leave us a comment and tells us what you think.

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