‘Hart of Dixie’ season 2, episode 9 review: How did Zoe and Wade’s date go?


On tonight’s episode of “Hart of Dixie” season 2, Zoe is getting the cold shoulder from Wade ever since he started to feel like he’s just a placeholder while she waits for George. Zoe comes to the conclusion that Wade is bored with her and has moved onto someone else.

Tansy stops by George’s office and at first he thinks that she’s there to respond to his voice message, but she’s wondering how to get her dog, Dolly Parton, back from her ex boyfriend.  He tries to flirt with Tansy and as usual she’s clueless to his advances. George asks Wade what he should put in his basket for the charity bachelor auction to make her bid on him and Wade helps him.

Later Wade comes over to Zoe’s place and tells her that he wants to “test drive” the idea of having a real relationship with her and go on areal date.  He tells her that if she wants to go out with him that she should bid on his basket at the auction, but Zoe is apprehensive about it.

Ruby freaks out because she forgets to see what’s in Lavon’s basket so she can bid on it, but when a basket shows up with hazel nuts in it Lemon bids on it thinking that it belongs to Walter, but she ends up on a date with Lavon.

When George’s turn, Tansy decides to bid on the basket and is pleasantly surprised to find out it belongs to George. There’s no such luck for Wade’s basket though – as her nerves get the better of her and before she can get her bid out there, two other women fight over his basket and he ends up on a date with Magnolia.  Looks like Wade and Zoe won’t be having that date after all… or will they?

Zoe apologizes to Wade and she makes a  deal with Magnolia and gets Wade’s basket , so they can go on their date.  Zoe and Wade’s date starts off a little awkward when her nervousness about talking to Wade can’t be masked. Wade busts out a bottle of wine to loosen them up, but when Zoe finds out that George and Tansy were set up together by Wade her jealousy comes out.  Zoe says that she is surprised about George and Tansy because are too different to have anything sort of serious future together and Wade takes that comment as a direct hit against him and her.  He tells her that he doesn’t want to just be a placeholder while she waits for George and walks out on their date.

Ruby apologizes to Lavon about not bidding on his basket, saying she got caught up in her move to Dallas.  She suggests that they ask Lemon to step aside so they could have the date, but Lavon says that he’s not doing that.  As he brings Lemon to the date he keeps reminding her that he had the date planned for Ruby so to keep that in mind and when they get there he has set up an incredibly romantic meal. When violinists show up they refuse to stop playing until they dance and while they are dancing Lavon tells Lemon that she was his first true love and that because of her he learned how to love.

On George and Tansy’s date she takes him up on his offer to do something unpredictable and asks him to come and steal Dolly Parton back, which he surprisingly does.  George smashes out a window of a car with his fist and they get the dog back. George and Tansy go see Zoe for his bloodied hand and while they are at Zoe’s office George and Tansy share a kiss.

Lavon goes home and Ruby is waiting for him to try and convince him that her going to Dallas won’t break them up.  Lavon tells Ruby he loves her for the first time and she says she loves him too. Zoe goes to Wades house and leaves his basket on his door step and leaves.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Hart of Dixie” season 2? Are you happy to see Lavon and Ruby moving forward? Do you think George and Tasny make a good couple? And what about Zoe and Wade – are they really that different or is Zoe sabotaging a possible relationship for no reason? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think. If you’re looking for more “Hart of Dixie” news be sure to read our story about Wade and George’s upcoming bromance episode.

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