Magnum PI season 3: The white SUV mystery has another twist

Magnum PIOn tonight’s Magnum PI season 3 episode, we saw a number of big moments, an exciting case, and Higgins making a big decision with her dating life. Thanks to Magnum’s advice, she is trusting Ethan and giving him a second date. (We’re not sure that Thomas really wants her with him, but that’s a totally different story.)

The main thing that we want to focus on here is the mystery that kicked off at the end of the premiere — the one pertaining to the white SUV. Who is driving it? That’s the big mystery that is going to leave Thomas shaking in his boots for a while — especially with what Katsumoto told him at the end of the episode. He had HPD do some digging on the rental establishment that handed out the SUV, and he learned that the point of contact on the application was … Thomas Magnum. Whoever is driving it and stalking Magnum knew where things were going in advance and prepared accordingly. That’s not an easy pill to swallow.

So was there any other evidence of the driver’s identity? No, mostly because they prepared in advance and did everything that they could in order to conceal who they are. We’re intrigued to see where things go moving forward here, mostly because we don’t think it’s going to be a predictable outcome.

Is it possible that the driver here is someone we’ve already met? Sure, but here’s the thing — Magnum has a deep history beyond what we’ve seen on the show. There’s a good chance that he will have made some other enemies, and that’s a possibility that we have to entertain.

Now, can we go back to Magnum and Higgins for a second? How sweet was it when Higgins managed to get Magnum his watch back?

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