‘Supernatural’ season 8, episode 9: More on [spoiler’s] return

SupernaturalIt’s always nice to see “Supernatural” honor its lengthy history from time to time, and we are certainly going to be seeing the show do that in a sense Wednesday night with the arrival of a character who has long since been a part of the show’s world: Martin. You really have to back years to know when he was last relevant, but he is going to be back from the asylum he was in during season 5. To make matters more interesting now, Sam is actually going to give him a pretty important role in helping to crack down Benny.

So what does the man pulling the strings for the show have to say about Benny’s arrival? In a new interview with Zap2It, Jeremy Carver says that really, one of the joys in having so many characters from the past is that you get to bring them back and then twist them in very different sort of ways:

“He was something of a really great character. We really loved him, and you’ve got certain points in this episode where the quote-unquote ‘crazy guy’ might be the sanest guy in the room … He’s dropped into a situation where you’ve got the Winchester brothers literally arguing about how they’re going to essentially deal with monsters in a way that he’s never heard hunters discuss monsters before. The idea of Dean having a relationship with this thing is so far from Martin’s understanding. In a weird way the guy who has had [mental] issues in the past lends a bit of balance to the episode, and, frankly, an element of unpredictability as well.”

We know that at first, Dean is going to try his best to stand up for his purgatory “pal” when he is suspected of a vampire killing in Louisiana; but as for whether or not that lasts, it remains to be seen. This is the final episode of 2012, and based on what we are hearing there will be a cliffhanger that makes the wait all the more agonizing.

If you want to watch a sneak peek from this episode, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: The CW

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