‘Shahs of Sunset’ season 2, episode 1 review: A dinner party disaster leads to drama

Shahs of Sunset

We have been waiting all year for the “Shahs of Sunset” season 2 and finally our favorite Persians are back in action – it was well worth the wait!

We started off the season 2 premiere with Asa giving Reza a tour of her newly renovated home. Reza is fascinated with the $4000 toilet she’s installed, especially since she only has $500 left in her account now to pay her bills. Asa books a gig at a fashion show to get some money together to pay her mortgage.

MJ’s mom is going on vacation, so she is helping her mom transport her bird (chirp chirp) to her uncle’s place until she gets back. When they arrive at her aunt and uncle’s house the family sits down for a meal. MJ starts criticizing her mother in front of the family about how critical she is of MJ including making a toast to all the other mother’s out there that don’t do that to their children. Her mother starts to attack  her and some of the other family members question why MJ keeps trying to get a relationship out of her mother that was never there to begin with. MJ starts to cry and her mother leaves the room, but in confessional MJ’s mom talks about some of the things she does for her daughter that she doesn’t know about. While it’s not always easy to side with MJ’s mom, it was nice to hear her talk about how much she loves her.

GG and her sister Leila are partnered in a hair extension company called “GG’s extensions”.  When GG talks to her sister about how the company is going, Leila tells her that the company’s not doing well and it’s because GG isn’t getting her job done. GG tries to remind her that not only has she never had a job before, but that she’s never done marketing before, so she wants a little slack. Leila isn’t budging and tells GG to get her act together. Their friend Omid calms GG down, reminding her that working with siblings is always difficult.

Reza shows a house to his friend Lilly as she is looking to buy a place with her ex-boyfriend (they are trying to get back together again). Lilly is from Texas and was able to convince her parents to let her move to LA, because of the huge Persian culture there.

Asa decides to set up a dinner with the gang (and new girl Lilly) to catch up with what everyone has been up to. GG shows up with Omid and they two are very flirty in front of Mike. He seems a little jealous and GG wants it to be clear that she’s not into Mike at all. Asa becomes very annoyed with Omid, because of his laugh and makes a rude comment about his nose during a toast.  GG is not impressed, but keeps her cool. Reza brings Lilly to meet the gang, and the reception from the other women towards Lilly was very accepting.

As the night goes on and GG and Omid get drunker, the entire dinner turns into a mess – drinks are spilling, GG’s getting agitated and Omid is sticking his hands up GG’s skirt at the table.  GG leaves the restaurant in a huff and Omid gets blamed for GG’s behavior.  Omid make a joke about hitting the women at the table and Lilly stands up for the ladies telling Omid that he’s being disrespectful. He leaves the restaurant and goes home with GG.

The premiere of the “Shahs of Sunset” season 2 was everything we were hoping for – Mike was charming, MJ broke our hearts, Asa was creative, Reza was hilarious, GG was feisty and the new girl Lilly is a perfect fit to the crew.  What did you think of the premiere? Did it live up to your expectations? Be sure to tune in for a new episode on December 9 at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

Photo: Bravo

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