‘Glee’ season 4, episode 9 spoilers: Rachel becomes defiant at NYADA

Kate HudsonRachel has now had a chance to confront Brody about sleeping with  her NYADA teacher Cassandra in “Glee” season 4 and while that confrontation seemed to go very well for Brody, who somehow turned it around on Rachel and she took the blame without problem, it doesn’t seem like her relationship with Cassandra is going to be so easy to fix.

In a new sneak peek of “Glee” episode 9 called “Swan Song”, Kate Hudson (Cassandra) tells fans that Rachel is going to become more defiant and sure of herself when it comes to challenging Cassandra in class and the two women will end up in a bit of a dance off to the song “All That Jazz” from the musical “Chicago”. Hudson reveals that her mom had taken her to see “Chicago” when she was younger and instantly fell in love with the music, so she has been singing these songs for a very long time.  Because Hudson was also trained as a dancer (as well as a singer) before she came on “Glee”, co-producer/choreographer Zach Woodlee says that Kate has been a pleasure to work with, because he knows that anything he throws at her, she will be able to do without a problem.

What fans really want to see is the fall out (if there is any) between Cassandra and Rachel over the Brody incident.  Will Rachel be able to say anything to her teacher without compromising her position at NYADA or is it better for Rachel to stay quiet and get through school?  If she’s becoming as defiant as Hudson says she is, then it’s possible we’ll see Rachel stand up to Cassandra and tell her off.

Be sure to check out the video below of Kate Hudson talking about Rachel’s newly found confidence and how much fun she had singing “All That Jazz”. “Glee” episode 9 will be airing on Thursday, December 6 at 9 p.m. on Fox, but if you can’t wait until then to hear some of the songs that the cast will be singing you can take a listen here.

Photo: Fox

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