Power Book II: Ghost episode 7: Could Tariq’s operation be found out?

Power Book II GhostAs we prepare for Power Book II: Ghost episode 7 this coming weekend, there are a lot of interesting things to think about. The status of Tariq’s CourseCorrect operation has to be one of most important stories on the show. It’s the sole reason he is able to earn money, and in turn keep the case involving his mom going.

What he has developed is rather smart — a way to utilize an app in order to give drugs to students at an incredibly marked-up price alongside study materials. He’s moving product in big numbers and Monet seems to even respect him for it.

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With all of this spelled out, there are trouble spots for him, and ways that this secret could get blown up. Who should he be worried about? Take a look at the possible candidates below…

Trace – We know that Brayden has tried his best to cool off his brother, but we have a hard time thinking that a guy like this is going to just be quiet. He’s going to let his ego run wild and eventually, he could see himself as invincible. We don’t know if it’s going to work like he thinks.

Riley – we think that Trace is driven by ego and his own arrogance; Riley, meanwhile, just wants to prove herself. She’s an irritant, but she’s shown capable of getting at least some info. It wouldn’t shock us that she exposes what Tariq is doing, not understanding fully the implications.

Jabari – This could be one of the more interesting possibilities — he finds out about Tariq’s operation, only for Tariq to figure out that he is plagiarizing his work. Perhaps the two work out a deal?

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Do you think that Tariq’s operation will be figured out on Power Book II: Ghost season 1?

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